How to Master the Art of Picking Girls Up

Do you approach hot girls on a regular basis? Or, is your lack of confidence preventing you to date the type of women you know you deserve? As a general rule, the lack of confidence comes from negative self-talk. Most guys kill their chances, before they even open their mouths, just because they assume that hot girls will not find them attractive.

It doesn’t matter if you are not a rock-star, a billionaire, or a Greek-god; no girl is out of your league. You just need to believe in yourself, and learn the art of picking girls up. Interacting with hot girls on a regular basis will boost your confidence and, that alone, will transform you into a chick-magnet.


Is it possible to learn how to pick up girls?

Let me tell you a secret. Guys who are great with women are not born they are made. Guys considered as naturals learned this stuff from someone. So, yes picking up girls is a skill anyone can learn. In this article I am going to show easy ways to improve your game, and attract the girl who you like.


#1. – Play the numbers game

You will be able to pick up hot females any time, any place, anywhere, once you develop the right type of skills. But while you are learning, you need to play the numbers game.

Go to the places where the supply is bigger than the demand. In other words, where there are more hot girls than guys. So, if you go to a club, or night bar, and count 5 or 10 guys for every hot girl you see change your location.

Dancing and cooking classes are great places to meet hot females, since the numbers play in your favor. Remember, your job is to interact constantly with hot females, and feel comfortable around them.


#2. – Be different, and standout

Uniqueness is very important. You can attract hot girls but you need to standout. Most guys don’t pay too much attention to their dress style. How you dress will affect how hot females perceive you, and how you influence them.

Ask yourself: How would I want to be perceived? And then dress accordingly. Learn the rules of style, and use clothes that will help you highlight your assets, and hide your flaws.

Hot females have heard every single pickup line you can think of, or a variation. Using rehearsed pick up lines will make women perceive you as an insecure guy, and your social value will decrease.

The single most important thing you need to remember to stand out, and make your pick up lines effective, is that what you say is not as important as how you say it. You need to feel comfortable, and believe, in what you are saying. Females can tell when you are faking.

You need to worry less about what you say, and more about how you feel because your feelings will affect the effectiveness of your messages.

I know it sounds so simple, but it works! Try it and picking up hot girls will become your natural way of life.

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