How to Make the Best First Impression When You Meet Women (It’s Fast and Easy)

First impressions are very important. They could be the difference between a long fulfilling relation, with a gorgeous girl, or a sad and lonely life. Women will judge everything you do, or say, through the lens of the first impression, so you better make it a good one. Here are some basic principles that will help you a lot…


The way that you carry yourself is more important than looks

What is so attractive about bad boys, that makes females melt for them? Confidence. They carry themselves in a way that says to the world: “I live my life in my own terms.” And women find that irresistible.

Learn to use body language to display the attributes of a confident man, and every girl you meet will remember you.

Your eyes are your biggest assets; use them in the right way. You need to develop a warm sexy gaze that will make women melt for you. Practice in the mirror; make sure you don’t stare at people like a psycho.

Move slowly, this will make women believe you are in control, and that you are confident.

When you talk to women keep your voice tone slow and warm. Practice in front of a camera or with a recording device.

Finally, your feelings and beliefs affect your body language, so make sure that every time you go out you feel like the king of the world. This will change the way the world perceives you.


Change your style.

Attractiveness is not just about looks. You don’t need to be good-looking to be perceived as an attractive man.

You can improve a lot of things about yourself to become a woman magnet. You don’t need plastic surgery; just change your style. Style is a powerful tool; that will help you attract women at will.

Learn to standout, in a fashionable and sexy way. You need to understand the basics of style, because if you are not careful you can end up looking like a clown, and that won’t make the best first impression.

You have to understand how to use accessories, which are men’s secret weapon when it comes to attraction. Learn to use them to stand out and be perceived as the leader of the pack.


Listen to what women say and say as little as possible.

Most guys are very worried about what to say to women to keep the conversation going. Stop worrying about what to say. Instead learn to listen and just respond to what she says.

If you say as little as possible every word that comes out of your mouth has more value. It’s like any other good, if the supply is low its value will raise.

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