How to Interest a Girl and Keep Her For Good

Do you want to know how to keep a girl interested in you? For many guys attracting girls is the easy part. However keeping their attention is a different story. I want to share some ideas that will allow you to gain the interest of any girl, and to keep it for good…


#1. – You need to stand out.

If you want to attract women, at will, you need to stand out. You need to display the attributes of a male of value. She has to believe that being part of your life will be exciting and rewarding.

Think about it, would you like to get involved with a regular and boring girl? Even if she is the most beautiful girl in the world you will lose interest after some time.

There is a fast an easy way to show value and stand out: change your style. Believe it or not, the way you dress says a lot to women about yourself, and it can help you display the qualities of an adventurous, mysterious, wealthy and charismatic male, even if you are not one.

Most guys refuse to change their personal style. But you can’t do the same things over and over and expect different results. This is the first step you have to take, and trust me the results are unbelievable.


#2. – If she gets bored it’s over.

If you want to keep a girl for good you need to fill her life with excitement. Nothing kills attraction faster than routine. That’s the problem with marriage. When people get married they stop doing cool things, they let their life turn into a routine.

If your life is exciting she will never cheat on you, she will never think of another man, even if she meets Brad Pit you will be safe. On the other hand, if she gets bored, even an ugly loser will become a threat.


#3. – Keep her guessing

This point is related with the previous one. Women are attracted to guys they are curious about. If she believes that she has figured you out the attraction will disappear. You have to keep her guessing.

Keeping her guessing will turn you into a challenge. This is why bad boys are chick-magnets. They are very hard to read, and they represent a challenge to women. Don’t ever let her think you are a sure thing or you will lose her forever.

So, now I’d like to invite you to change the way you attract women forever, my friend George Lazar will help you improve your style and turn you into a chick magnet very fast.

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