How to Deal With Your Low Self-Esteem and Become a Chick-Magnet (No Girl Is Out of Your League)

Any guy can get any girl. No woman is out of your league. You don’t believe me? Think about it, have you ever seen or known a very average guy, or even an ugly man, who dates the most gorgeous girls around? If you haven’t seen one of those guys, open your eyes, because they are everywhere.

The secret relies in their self-esteem. They believe they are males of value, and as a result people also believe they are males of value. Their beliefs influence their behavior, and the way the world perceives them. So, if you want to improve all your social interactions and become a chick-magnet you need to work on your self-esteem.

If you feel like the king of the world, people will start treating you accordingly.


How to feel like the king of the world overnight

First you need to convince yourself that you are a man of value. Many dating teachers use affirmations, but I found a better way. Find real life evidence of the thing you want to implant in your subconscious.

For example, if you are a short guy, and your height is an issue for you, look for short guys who date top models and convince yourself that you can do the same thing. Michael J. Fox is 5’4″ and he was able to date the most gorgeous girls.

Real life examples will help you convince your subconscious of the truth of the idea you want to implant. When your subconscious starts working for you not even Rihanna will be out of your league.



Change your style. I have witnessed the fast and amazing results that style has on guys’ dating life, that’s why I always start here. I have been able to help many dudes, who believed they were helpless, attract gorgeous girls, almost overnight.

The impact that clothes have on your self-esteem is huge. If you learn some basic principles of style the world will perceive you as a man of value, and you will have the confidence of a rock-star.


Forget the past

Many guys carry a lot of baggage from their past. Think about your past successes and try to recall that feeling. But, never think about past failures. You need to understand that every single guy out there have been turned down, at least once in their lives, don’t let any failure affect your self-esteem.

You are a man of value you just need to believe in yourself.

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