How to Be a Smooth Player

Gorgeous girls are attracted to smooth players like bees to honey. They notice, almost instantly, when a player walks into the room. This type of male has the freedom and choice others dream about. Does this sound like the lifestyle you would like to enjoy?

It doesn’t matter what is your current reality. You have everything you need, right now, right were you are, to become the man women dream about. You can learn to display the attributes that will make women melt over you. I want to share some ideas that will help you get started…


First, be confident

When all is said and done, the number one quality you need to display, if you want to attract any girl you desire, is confidence. I know what you are thinking: “That’s it? That doesn’t sound like an edgy technique!”

Well, please don’t feel discouraged. Here is the edgy part; I will show you some fast and easy ways to make women perceive you as a confident man.


How to make women believe you are a confident man, even if you are not

You need to look the part before you can act the part. If you create a personal style that is confident, attractive, and relaxed, women will perceive you as a confident guy, even if you are not.

Dressing like a king will increase your social value, and as a result women will be attracted to you.


Using your body language to look like a confident man

You can use your body language to display the attributes of a confident man. How?

Your feelings affect your body language, but your body language also affects your feelings. For example, when you feel anxious breathe slowly, stand tall, and move as slowly as you can. By moving like a confident male you are cheating your subconscious mind into believing that you are one.

If your subconscious mind believes that you are a confident man, everyone around you will perceive you as a confident man.


If you want to be a smooth player you need to keep a playful mood, at all times

What is the difference between chick-magnets and the rest? The attitude. Keeping a playful mood is very important. Women see happy guys as males of value. It will also help you look like a confident man. So, if confidence is not your strongest asset, you can make people perceive you as a more confident guy just by having a playful attitude.

So, now I’d like to invite you to change the way you attract women forever, my friend George Lazar will help you improve your style and turn you into a chick magnet very fast.

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