How to Attract Gorgeous Women Indirectly and Nonverbally (Make Them Come to You)

Since 80% of what you say doesn’t come out of your mouth attracting women indirectly, through non-verbal messages, is not only possible but also inevitable.

Many guys think that pickup lines have a power of their own. But, they don’t. If all the non-verbal signals, which you send to women, are not congruent with what you say your message will not be received as you desire.

Learn to say what you want, without words, and you won’t have to approach another girl in your life, they will be approaching you. But, first you need to understand…


Use your body effectively

If you want to be perceived as an attractive male, you need to display the attributes of the alpha male. You should make women believe you are a confident man. You can achieve that through body language.

I won’t give you an entire course in body language, but I can share some basic principles that will help you improve your social skills, and hopefully will motivate you to learn more.


First, you need to become a hot male, if you want to attract hot females

You can only get what you give. If you want to attract gorgeous girls you need to make them perceive you as an attractive man. And no, if you are not blessed by nature you are not a lost case. You don’t have to be good-looking.

Your clothes say a lot about you. Improving your style will raise your social value; you will impress not only women but also everyone who comes in contact with you. Changing your style will also improve your confidence and, as a result, you body language will display the attributes that women find so attractive in males.

I could make this sound more complicated, but why? This is a fast way to improve your body language. If you dress like a king, you will feel like one. And remember, your beliefs and feelings affect your body language.


Some body language basics

Combine these body language principles with your improved style, and I promise, women will be approaching you everywhere you go.


  1. Make slow and conscious moves. Remember the number one quality you need to display is confidence. If you move slowly women will assume that you are in control, that you are a confident man. Fast, unconscious movements, makes you look anxious and scared.
  2. Stand tall, and use as much space as possible. You are the king of the world. Tell that to people through your body language. Women will see you as an alpha male if you take as much space as possible.
  3. Smile. Nothing says confidence, and friendliness, better than a smile.

So, now I’d like to invite you to change the way you attract women forever, my friend George Lazar will help you improve your style and turn you into a chick magnet very fast.

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