How I’ve Lost 20 Kilograms of Fat, and How You Can Do the Same Thing – (It’s Easier Than You Think)

You want to lose weight but can’t find a program that gives you any noticeable results. I know the feeling; I’ve been there. I was a fat dude.

I learned that the fitness industry gained a lot of money by complicating simple stuff. Once you learn the basics of weight loss it will be very easy for you to achieve the results you are seeking.

I want to share with you the exact same principles that helped me lose 20 kilograms of overweight, 10 of them in one month.


#1. – Slow-Carb Diet.

I used a slow-carb diet to lose all that extra fat and it gave fast results. There are two things I want to share with you, that will boost your motivation.

First, this diet will program your body to burn fat. So, you can eat as much as you want, as often as you desire. There is no calorie count on a slow-card diet.

Second, I love chocolate and beer. It would be impossible for me to quit consuming them forever. So once a week I allow myself to devour anything I want. A planned break helps you succeed long-term. Everyone sins once in a while, it’s better when it’s scheduled.


#2. – High intensity cardio.

I only workout 5 to 10 minutes every other day and I have the best physical shape of my life. You will only be able to succeed if your workout routine is short, so you can train regularly, and easy, so your current fitness level won’t be an issue.

High-intensity cardio will help you gain muscle mass, and as a result, your metabolism will increase. That means you will burn fat all day long, not only when you are working out.


#3. – Cold water showers.

I take a shower with cold water every night for 5 minutes. Research demonstrates that cold water can help you build lean muscle and burn a lot of calories. You will get the same results you get after an intense training session.

If taking a bath with cold water is too much for you there is another alternative. Drink ice water regularly, especially on an empty stomach. But, I most warn you, if you want to avoid a heart attack never drink cold water when your pulse rate is high.


One bonus tip…

Stress and lack of sleep can slow down your improvements. So I encourage you to meditate, relax before you go to sleep, make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep, and avoid getting worried about unimportant stuff.

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