How Any Guy Can Gain the Confidence to Talk to Hot Women (Yes Any Guy)

Confidence is not something you are born with, it’s a quality you grow into. Any guy can develop the confidence necessary to interact effectively with women; it’s not hard.

I am sure you are very confident in some areas of your life. For example, I am a photographer and I take pictures with confidence. Think about it, what area or activity makes you feel comfortable and confident? You just need to recall that feeling and use it the next time you interact with women. Here are some ideas I believe will help you a lot…


#1. – Comfort equals confidence.

You will display a lot of confidence if you feel comfortable. So, your first goal is to increase your levels of comfort around women.

You need to interact constantly with hot women. Don’t hit on them, and don’t think of the outcome. The only thing we want to achieve, in this first stage, is to increase our comfort levels. Just say hi, or what a wonderful day, and then leave.

You will notice that once you start feeling comfortable around hot girls they will respond positively; they will feel attracted to you.


#2. – Change your style.

Every time I give advice to guys, on how to improve their confidence, I start in the same place: improve your style. Although there are a lot of things you need to work on to increase your confidence this is the best place to start for several reasons.

First, you don’t need any hard work to get amazing and fast results, just improve your style and see the effects. Second, improving your style will change how the world perceives you, but more importantly, it will change the way you perceive yourself. Your social value will increase a lot, and your confidence with it.


#3. – Never think of the outcome.

You need to keep a playful mood all the time. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose; enjoy the moment. Statistics show that when people think about possible outcomes, in stressful situations, their thoughts tend to be negative.

If you think, “she is out of my league, she will turn me down”, you won’t be able to talk to her. On the other hand, if you say to yourself, “she seems a like a nice girl, it would be fun to connect with her”, you will be very comfortable, and it will show in your body language.

Never sabotage yourself by thinking of the outcome, live in the moment, and understand that even the best-looking guys in the world have been rejected, at least once in their life. If a hot female turns you down, deal with it and move on. Don’t let this affect your self-esteem.

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