Female Body Language – How to Tell That She’s Into You

Do you think it would be easier for you to approach a girl if you knew, for sure, that she’s into you? Learning to read women is a skill that will set you apart from the crowd. Most guys can’t tell when a girl is already attracted to them, and because of that, many times they lose battles that were already won.

Here are some basic principles that will help you tell if she’s into you…


#1. – Extended eye contact

Extended periods of eye contact show interest. Research shows that people who are in love look at each other’s eyes for longer periods of time, than those whose interest is not as strong.

If she glues her eyes into yours for long periods you can assume that she’s into you. And if she is not into you, don’t worry, research has demonstrated that if you look into her eyes for extended periods of time you can make her develop feelings for you.


#2. – Positive body language

If she shows you positive body language when she is interacting with you, you can assume she is interested.

What is positive body language? For example, if her body is pointed in your direction, she leans forward when you are talking, her legs remain uncrossed, or her neck is exposed and pointed in your direction.


#3. – Smiling

Does she smile constantly when she sees you, or interacts with you? A sincere, warm, and friendly smile is hard to fake. If she smiles every time you are around, assume that she is interested in you.


#4. – Watch the speed of her moves

If she’s into you she will feel excited and nervous every time you are around. Observe her moves; are they fast and unconscious? Or, does her moves are slow and calm? As a general rule, fast moves means she is interested. But, this rule is not written on stone. A girl who knows you well and feels comfortable around you can be very calm when you are around.


#5. – Does she touch you?

A girl who is interested in you will touch you constantly. If she is to shy, you can be the one who starts the touching. Watch for her reactions. If she’s into you she will feel comfortable when you touch her.

Touching will not only help you know if she is attracted to you, but it will also increase any feelings she may have for you by creating sexual tension.

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