Dating Tips for the Timid – Get the Guts to Get That Date!

Where to get the guts to ask a girl out? It doesn’t matter how timid you are, confidence is a muscle and everyone can work it out. I will show you how to get the guts to get a date but first you need to…


Get rid of your fear of rejection

Sometimes your brain can get in the way of your success. Thinking about the future will only sabotage your self-esteem and your confidence. Think about it, if your thoughts about the future were positive you wouldn’t have a confidence problem would you? Thinking about the future will only increase your fear of rejection.

The fear of rejection is the number one reason why guys get rejected. Timid guys are afraid to talk to women because they fear rejection. But, you need to understand that even the best-looking males in the world have been rejected, at least once in their lives.

The guys that get rejected the most are the ones that date the most. Every time a new girl turns you down will hurt less than the previous one. The funny part is that once you don’t fear rejection you won’t be rejected.

Remember, your feelings and beliefs affect your body language, and the way that females perceive you. Once your fear of rejection is gone, all your anxiety will be gone with it. Women will perceive you as a different more attractive guy, just because you display more confidence in your moves.

So, force yourself to interact with as much people as you can. Start with people with whom you don’t feel so anxious to be around and increase slowly, take baby steps. Every success no matter how small will help you build the confidence that will turn you into a chick magnet.


Take an acting or public speaking lesson.

Again, confidence is a muscle; you need to work it out. Taking public speaking or acting lessons will help you improve your confidence in a safe and controlled environment. You will leave your comfort zone gradually. Besides, there are a lot of hot females in this type of courses. You will have something to share with them before you even meet them.


Assume the girl is already interested in you

Always assume that a girl is already attracted to you and your body language will send all the right signals. Besides, if you believe she is already attracted to you approaching her will be an easy task.

Most dating teachers use affirmations, but I found a better way. Find evidence, of the idea you want to implant in your subconscious, and cheat your mind into believing that it’s true. For example, if a girl you like says hi exaggerate the evidence in a positive way and tell yourself: “she likes me.” Or “she is so obvious.”

The fact that a girl says hi to you may mean nothing, but if you implant in your subconscious the idea that she is crazy for you, your body language will send all the right signals and you will display the confidence that will make her really attracted to you.

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