Communication Tips For Clueless Men – Beat the Competition and Attract Any Girl You Desire

Millionaires, leaders, chick-magnets, what do they have in common? They are great communicators. They know how to send messages in an effective way. They know how to read people, and how to influence them effortlessly.

It doesn’t matter what is your current reality, you can learn to communicate effectively; it’s not hard. You can learn how to send the right signals and attract any woman you desire. Doors will open for you, and the life you’ve always wanted will become a reality. Here are some principles to get you started…


First, don’t send mixed signals

When all is said and done, the one thing you need to remember to improve your communication skills is: ” your message most be coherent.”

If your mouth says one thing, and your body language contradicts the message, the results will be negative. For example, if you use a funny pickup line, because you want women to perceive you as a confident, and funny guy, but you are anxious, women will perceive you as awkward, and they will feel uncomfortable around you.

Remember, most of what you say doesn’t come out of your mouth. You need to improve your non-verbal communication skills, or even if you cite Shakespeare, your words will be empty.


Be clear on the message you want to send

What is the message that you want to send? Unless you know exactly what you want to say, you won’t be able to communicate effectively.

For example, if you want women to perceive you as a confident male you need to ask yourself: “What are the characteristics of a confident male, and how can I display them more effectively?”

Once you are clear on the destination you will know what road to take.


Make eye contact

Your eyes have two main functions in the communication arena. First, you need to observe how people react to your messages. And second, looking right into people’s eyes will trigger some chemical, and physical, responses in their bodies that will make them more receptive to your messages.

So, don’t take this lightly. Let your eyes do the talking.


Learn from the best

Your feelings and beliefs affect your body language, but your body language also affects your feelings and beliefs. If you want to attract women like Brad Pitt, study his body language. How does he move? How does he talk? He moves the way he does because of his beliefs, and by acting and moving like him you will get the same beliefs.

Once a belief is implanted in your subconscious people will perceive you as the man you want to be.

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