Characteristics of the Most Charismatic Guys, Learn Them and Attract Girls Like a Rock Star

The most charismatic guys not only date the most gorgeous girls, they also find the best jobs. Doors seem to open for them everywhere they go. No one is born with charisma; it’s a learned skill. Becoming an influential male is not as hard as you may think it is. Here are some principles that will transform you into the man others look up to…


#1. – Smile sincerely

Nothing attracts women better than a sincere and warm smile. A good smile will help you display confidence, the number one quality that women find attractive in men. It will also tell people, that you are a friendly and approachable guy.

Many guys think that faking a sincere smile is easy, but it’s not. Just as with body language, your feelings and beliefs affect the quality of the messages that you send to people. If you learn to smile from the inside people will be more receptive to your message.

So, do whatever you need to improve your mood, and women will perceive you as an attractive man.


#2. – Be positive and don’t say things about others that you don’t want others to say about you

Positive guys are very charismatic for several reasons. First, women are attracted to leaders, never trash people or females won’t perceive you as the leader of the pack.

Second, women are attracted to males that display qualities that make them believe that they are great protectors and providers. As a general rule, positive people are in control of their own life. It doesn’t matter what challenges life brings, they always know what to do. This quality makes women feel safe and comfortable around them.


#3. – Use your body language effectively

Feel like the king of the world and it will be yours for the taking. Your feelings affect your body language, and that will have a huge impact in the way that women perceive you.

Learn to move slowly and with confidence. Stand tall and take as much space as possible. Live in the moment, and notice how people react differently to your messages.


#4. – It’s in your eyes

Confident people always look right into people’s eyes. Research has demonstrated that an intense gaze can make women develop feelings for you. If you get nothing else from this article, get this. Always look straight into people’s eyes. Just make sure you are relaxed, and you don’t stare at people like a psycho. Remember, as with smiling, and body language, your feelings affect how your messages are received.

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