Belly Fat Destroyer – Less Gym, More Food, Better Results

Do you want to learn how to eat more, workout less, and still get the best physical shape of your life?

If you adhere to some basic principles I guarantee you will see fast results…


#1. – Forget about calorie count…

Many people think of their caloric intake as an accountant thinks about balancing a budget. They believe that if they consume fewer calories than the ones they burn weight loss is guaranteed. But, this is not entirely true.

When it comes to calorie counting there is only one number you need to remember: 1200 calories. If you consume any amount of calories below that number you will be putting your health at risk. But, don’t worry, as a general rule your body will tell you every time you need extra fuel by your hunger cravings.

The next thing you need to understand is that everything you eat has a chemical reaction in your body and it either puts it on fat-burn mode or on fat-store mode. So, if we give our system the instruction to burn fat we will lose weight no matter how much food we eat.


How to set your body on fat-burn mode…

These are the same rules I used to lose 10 kg in one month and 20 kg in total:


#I. – Avoid carbohydrates.

I won’t go into much detail here. But, carbohydrates impact you insulin levels and sets your body on fat storing mode. It also affects the amount of bad cholesterol you hold in your blood. So avoid them at all cost.


#II. – Avoid sugar, candies, and fruit.

I will just say here that fructose equals fat in your system so avoid it, even if it is disguised as healthy food. Don’t eat sugar, and specially don’t drink sugar.


#III. – Eat as much as you want as often as you want.

As long as it is not carb or sugar you can eat as much as you want every time you are hungry. You can eat meat, eggs, green vegetables, legumes, fish, etc. You won’t gain weight because you are on fat-burn mode.


#IV. – Break your diet once a week.

I love chocolate and beer. It would be impossible for me to quit consuming them forever. So once a week I allow myself to devour anything I want. A planned break helps you succeed long-term. Everyone sins once in a while, it’s better when it’s scheduled.

Don’t worry; even if you gain some weight for the day you will lose it back, and some more, in three days approximately. Your body can only assimilate a part of this day intake the rest is thrown away. Just make sure it’s only once a week and always on the same day.


#2. – You can’t out-train your mouth.

Many guys believe that the gym fixes everything. They think that eating whatever they want can be repaired later with a little, or a lot, of workout. But, the truth is that it doesn’t matter how much exercise you realize. If your body is on fat-storing mode it won’t make a difference. Remember, you lose grams in the gym and kilograms with your diet. So, if you want to see results for you training efforts, balance them with a good diet.


#3. – Do as little as necessary.

One of the most common mistakes I see in guys who want to lose some weight is over-training. You need to understand that there is a certain amount of exercise that is effective; everything extra is just a waste of time and energy. You could even get injured if you force your body to the limit.

Don’t be fooled and try to copy professional athletes. Most of them have a team around them to be sure they are safe. And even with that, deterioration of their body and regular injuries are inevitable.


One final Thought…

Please be safe. A certified professional or health expert should supervise any diet and fitness regimen you get involved with.

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