As Astonishing As It Is True Females Always Make the First Move – Learn to Read Their Body Language!

Approaching women is a very stressful issue for most guys. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Believe it or not, females always make the first move. Of course, they use a different method.

When women want to interact with the male they are interested in, they don’t approach him in a direct, and open way. Instead they send him subtle signs to invite him to make the “first move“. After all, they are worried about rejection as much as guys.

Do you think it would be easier for you to approach a girl if you new, for sure, that she is inviting you to make a move? You can enjoy the choice with women others dream about. You only need to know how to read them, and know when to take action.

Here are some principles to get you started…


#1. – Does she touch you?

Constant physical contact means that a girl is interested in you. Of course, she will try to make it look as accidental. But the truth is that she is inviting you to make a move.

You need to learn how to react to females’ attempts to touch you. Hold your position, and move in a slow and confident way. This will help you display power and status. On the other hand, if you break contact as soon as you feel it, your desirability will decrease because you will be perceived as a male with lower social value.


#2. – Does she look constantly in your direction?

Females use their eyes all the time to tell guys that they are interested. If a girl is constantly looking in your direction it means that she wants you to make a move.

Try to make eye contact with her, and watch her reactions. If she holds the eye contact make your move. If she looks down, she is displaying a submissive behavior and you should approach her right away.


#3. – Does she position herself strategically?

When a female is interested in you she will position herself strategically, so you can notice her presence. If you move around, and you find her near you every time, it means that she wants you to make a move.


#4. – Is her body pointed in your direction?

Positive body language is a sign of interest. If a girl’s body is facing constantly in your direction it means she is attracted to you.

Females will send you signs to invite you to make a move. But, if you don’t act fast they will lose interest. I am sure you have missed a lot of opportunities just because you missed the signs.

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