4 Quick and Easy Steps to Cure Approach Anxiety

Anxiety is a mechanism that helps animals survive. Most species will only feel anxious when they are facing danger, but when the threat disappears the anxiety will also disappear. Human beings are the only ones that can feel anxiety even in the absence of a real threat.

Most of the things you fear don’t represent a real threat; they are inventions of your mind. Read this article, cause I am going to show you how to eliminate your anxiety and help you approach any girl you want.


#1. – Use the bungee jump philosophy

I went bungee jumping once, and I asked the guy in charge for advice on how to eliminate my anxiety. His answer literally changed my life: “When the door opens, just jump.”

He was right, I analyzed a lot of the jumpers, and I found a pattern: The more time people spent standing in the edge, thinking about the jump, the harder it was for them to go for it.

On stressful situations your brain is your worst enemy. Don’t give yourself time to over think. When you see a hot girl, who you like, just go for it.


#2. – Walk up to hot girls

Confidence is a muscle you need to work it out. Approach hot girls on a regular basis and your anxiety levels will decrease. You don’t need to start conversations with them. Just say hi and leave.

You don’t need to think of a funny pickup line, you don’t need to think what to say to maintain a conversation, and you are not going to give them a chance to turn you down. Just say hi and leave, we are only training our confidence muscles.


#3. – Breathe

There are some physical symptoms associated with approach anxiety: high pulse, shortness of breath, nausea, shaking, etc. If you make them go, you will trick your subconscious mind into believing that you are comfortable and confident.

Just breathe slowly and your anxiety will disappear. It’s as simple as that!


#4. – Warm up

You should not try to approach the hottest girl in the place on your first attempt. First, you need to warm up. Approach people who don’t make you feel anxious before you go for the big prize.

Remember, confidence is a muscle. You need to work it out. Approach people on a regular basis and your anxiety will disappear. But be careful; take baby steps cause we don’t want to create traumas that will be hard to heal in the future.

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