4 Little Known Secrets to Make Women See You As the Guy They Want

Do you want to know how to make women see you as the guy they want? Then stop what you are doing, grab a seat, and read this article cause I am going to share 4 little known secrets that will transform you into a chick-magnet.


#1. – Show them the right type of interest

As a general rule we like people who likes us back. Many guys try to play it cool, and don’t show their interest to females, this is the wrong move. If a girl believes that you are unreachable, more often than not, the attraction will die.

You need to be straight forward, and show them your interest. The secret here is to avoid the needy attitude. Don’t qualify yourself to them. Tell them through your behavior, “I may be interested”, instead of, “I am crazy for you.” This little shift in your behavior will make all the difference in the world.


#2. – Display confidence

Women will decide if you are boyfriend material, or not, before you even have a chance to open your mouth. They can read guys’ body language like an open book.

To attract any girl, you need to display the number one quality of the alpha male: confidence. And the only thing you need to display confidence is to feel confidence. It’s as simple as that. I could make this sound more complicated, but why?

Most guys don’t believe me when I say that the only thing they need to attract women is to change their feelings. They believe that this is some type of new age thought, or some metaphysical, or religious, idea.

On the contrary, this is pure science. A lot of psychological and sociological research has been made, and the results are indisputable. Your feelings and beliefs affect the messages that you send through non-verbal channels, and the perception others have about you.


#3. – Show them you are the leader of the pack

Females are hardwired to mate with strong genes. They want to assure the survival of their offspring. Make them believe that you have the strongest genes, and you will automatically become their first mating option, even over better-looking guys.

Women will always fall for the leader of the pack, since as a general rule their genes are the strongest. How do you display the traits of the leader? Live your life in your own terms. Never qualify yourself to others, instead make others work for your respect. Live with passion, and never settle for less.

Trust me, by living with passion you will become a chick-magnet. And as a bonus you will enjoy life more.


#4. – Create sexual tension

Women will only fall for you if they see you as a potential sexual partner. In other words, unless you are able to create sexual tension around them you will fall into the friend zone very fast.

To create sexual tension with females the only thing you need to do is to touch them. Test the waters in subtle ways and increase, or decrease, the touching accordingly.

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