3 Ways to Tell If a Girl Is Attracted to You

Most guys can’t tell when a girl is into them, they don’t know how to read females. I want to share 3 easy tests that will help you know, for sure, if a girl finds you attractive. Even the smallest evidence of attraction can be very helpful, and can give you the courage to turn a friendly relation into a hot and fun adventure.


#1. – She initiates physical contact

Most guys don’t understand the importance of touching when they interact with females. If a girl touches you it means that she is comfortable with you, that she likes you, and that she wants to build sexual tension.

You need to observe the quantity and the quality of the touching. Does she touch you very often? Does she touch you in a softly and tender way? Notice how the quality of her touching changes as she starts to feel comfortable around you, and as the sexual tension starts to grow.

If she doesn’t start the touching you can test the waters by touching her in subtle ways. If she responds positively it means that she likes you.


#2. – She shares personal stuff

If a girl is interested in you she will not only talk to you, she will communicate. By sharing personal stuff she is building a bond with you, and she is testing you to prove if you are boyfriend material.

Remember, females are hardwired to look for a male who can protect her and who can be a great provider. No matter what she shares with you, show her that you are in control, and that you are more than qualified to protect her.

You need to perform your male role at all times. You are allowed to feel, after all you are a human being, but you are not allowed to let your emotions to take control of you. If you have total control of your emotions she will feel safe around you.


#3. – Eyes don’t lie

When you are interacting with a female look at her right into her eyes. This will create sexual tension between the two of you. If she doesn’t break eye contact then she is into you. If she looks at your mouth, when she breaks eye contact, she is inviting you for a kiss.

As a general rule, I never go for the kiss. I invite her back by observing her mouth and then I lean forward 90% of the way, and let her take that other 10%.

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