3 Ways to Become a Likable Guy With a Minimal Amount of Effort

Becoming a likable man will, not only, help you attract any girl you want, you will also increase your social value, land better jobs, and attract great business opportunities. In short, becoming a likable guy will give you power. This is a fast and easy way to advance in life.

Are you ready to claim your birthright to live your life in your own terms? Then, read this article cause I am going to show you how to see the world in a whole new light.


#1. – Make them feel good about themselves

Make people feel good about themselves, and they will seek your company when they need to boost their self-esteem, which is all the time. Believe it or not, hot girls are the ones that need the self-esteem boost the most. The most gorgeous girls are the most insecure ones.

This is where paying attention becomes a powerful tool. Do you want to develop a magnetic personality? Then watch and learn. In other words, watch people, and learn what makes them feel bad, and what makes them feel good, about themselves.

It is very important to keep your high value attitude at all times, behave like a confident male. You need to learn to influence people’s feelings in the right way. Don’t become a bootlicker, and give only sincere compliments. Never give people the impression that you are qualifying yourself to them through your compliments.


#2. – It comes from within

This point is related to the previous one. The effective use of influence tools comes from within. Before you try to convince others of something you need to convince yourself. Top sales guys truly believe in their product.

Do you want to convince a girl that she has beautiful eyes? Then you need to feel, and believe that she has beautiful eyes.

People can feel when you are faking, and it will decrease your value. Now you know why two guys can give the same compliments to women, and one is well received, while the other is not.


#3. – Avoid exhaustion

The best things of life are limited. Every human relation, and interaction, has growing faces, peak points, and exhaustion moments. You need to learn to read every interaction and leave in the peak point. Always leave them wanting more. Give them space so they can miss you.

Becoming a male with a magnetic personality is easy, make people enjoy your company, and always leave them wanting more.

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