3 Surefire Tactics to Make a Woman Jealous – Easy Tips to Make Her Want You More

The minute your girlfriend believes that you are a sure thing the attraction will die forever. Become a challenge for her. Make her invest in the relationship; you need to spice it up, once in a while, by making her feel jealous.

Of course there is a right way to make your girlfriend feel jealous. After all, your goal is to make her want you more, not to make her want to leave you. In this article I am going to show you how to increase the attraction, and create a healthy amount of jealous in your girl…


#1. – Use the indirect approach

There are two ways to make your girlfriend jealous. One is by showing interest in other females. The other is by making other girls show interest in you.

You should never use the first approach. It will make you look like an insecure jerk, and if your girlfriend finds out that you are trying to make her jealous the attraction will die.

Instead learn the rules of style. You can display the traits that will make females perceive you as an attractive male just by dressing in the right way. You need to create a personal image that helps you increase your social value, and makes you appear as a powerful, confident, and relaxed male.

You should also use the power of body language. Move slowly and take as much space as possible. Always look right into people’s eyes when you are talking to them. And finally touch females in subtle ways; this will create sexual tension and make them feel attracted to you.


#2. – Use the power of absence

Your girlfriend will never miss you if you are always around. You need to make her enjoy the moments that she shares with you, and then leave. Give her some time, and space, so she can miss you.

You need to live a fun, and exciting, life even if your girl is not around. Show her that you don’t need her to enjoy your life. This will make her feel jealous, and wonder: “What rewarding experience is he living without me!”.


#3. – Don’t be available all the time

You need to be out of reach, but not really. Show your girlfriend that you are not available whenever she wants. But, don’t take it too far or she will lose interest in you. Show her that you enjoy her company, but also show her that you have a life of your own.

Every relationship needs a healthy amount of jealous. It will make your girlfriend love you even more. Just don’t take it too far or you will achieve the opposite effect.

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