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Let me remind you something, I am sure, you already know, no matter what your current situation is, you have everything you need, right now, right were you are, to attract the most gorgeous girls in the world.

If you can’t attract the girl of your dreams it’s probably because you don’t believe in yourself, as a result you exude desperation, which is the biggest turn-off for females.

It’s easier to attract hot girls when you don’t need them. You have to understand that there are literally millions of hot girls seeking for what you, and only you, can offer. Remove the idea of scarcity out of your mind, and attracting gorgeous girls will be your natural way of life.

Test yourself to find out how desperate you are…


#1. – How comfortable are you with being alone?

Ironically, the more comfortable you are with being alone, the more company you will have. Are you one of those dudes that desperately try to fill the gap, every time you come out of a relationship? Can you enjoy life all by yourself? Don’t take this lightly cause, if you don’t appreciate your own company nobody will.


#2. – Do you perceive yourself as a male of value?

Guys with low self-esteem exude desperation. They believe that if their girlfriend leaves them, they won’t be able to get another woman in their lives. They try to keep the attention of every female that shows interest in them because, in their mind, she might be the only one.

The value you give to yourself will be the same value others give to you. You need to feel comfortable in your own skin, because it will show on your body language, and it will affect how others perceive you.


#3. – Do you believe that she is the one?

The more you care for a girl, the more you need to be willing to lose her. Remember, your body language is affected by your feelings and beliefs. Feeling fear will make you look desperate. If she is really the one, and you don’t want to lose her, you should display an attitude that says, “I enjoy your company”, instead of, “I need your company”.


#4. – Do you have a life?

If you want females of worth in your life, you need to live a life of worth. If a woman becomes your whole world, you will become a desperate guy. Fill your life with rewarding, and exciting, activities. Give the ladies some space so they can miss you. Guys who live with passion will never feel desperation.

You don’t need hot women to enjoy life, although it would be fun. Internalize this feeling, and hot females will be attracted to you like bees to honey.

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Do you want to know if your ex misses you? There are some signs that will help you know for sure…


#1. – What does she talk about?

Finding out if your girl still has feelings for you is easy. Just pay attention to what she says. Does she uses the word “we” when she talks about the future. Obviously this means that you are included in her future plans. Also pay attention on how she talks about her past. Does she mainly talk about the moments that you spent together?


#2. – Does she try to make you jealous?

The best sign that your ex still has feelings for you is when she tries to make you jealous. Notice how often does she talk about other guys, when she is engaged in a conversation with you. The more she talks about others, the more she misses you.

Another sign is when she makes sure that you find out when she dates other guys. If she tries hard to show you that she is over you it means she is not.


#3. – Does she get too emotional every time you meet?

When you meet with your ex, does she experience extreme shifts in her moods? If she gets mad for nothing, or extremely happy for no apparent reason, it means that she still has strong feelings for you.

It is very hard for females to hide their true feelings. Pay attention to her body language, cause it will tell you what she is feeling. Is she anxious? Does she perform fast unconscious moves? This is a clear sign that you still have some influence over her emotions.


#4. – Constant “accidental meetings”

You can meet accidentally with your ex once in a while. But, if it happens constantly, it means that it’s not a coincidence, she clearly wants to see you. Again, analyze her behavior. Does your presence affect her activities? Does she get nervous? And specially, does she try to make you jealous?


Bonus tip…

A girl who has feelings for you will know everything about your life. For example, if during a conversation with her you say: “I went to Vegas with the guys for the weekend” and she answers: “I know”. It means that she talks with others about you. She is still concerned about what’s going on with your life. Try to find out how much she knows about it.

Of course, every girl is different. And although some signs are clear on some females, and less obvious on others, these principles are a powerful tool that will allow you to know if you still live in your girl’s mind.

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