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Does finding gorgeous single females seem like and impossible task for you? Hot girls are everywhere; you just need to open your eyes. I will tell you where to look for the most desirable females, and how to approach them. But first you need to understand…


It’s not a matter of where but a matter of when

You shouldn’t be asking where to meet women because, let’s be honest, they’re everywhere. Your question should be when is the best time to approach, and how could you increase your odds?

For example, if you approach a girl in the street, your odds will be a lot better if you approach her in the morning or afternoon, when there is sunlight and people on the street. She probably won’t feel comfortable if a complete stranger tries to start a conversation with her during the night.

OK, no more delay here are some great places to meet single women:


#1. – The street or a public place, like a park.

Most guys don’t approach girls in the street or in a public place, but this is one of the best places to flirt. Think about it, how many guys approach ladies in a bar or in a club? On the other hand, there are only a handful of dudes who approach girls on the street, so for starters you have a lot less competition.

As long as you are respectful and display a lot of confidence, women will respond positively.

You need to keep a playful mood at all times. Put yourself in her shoes, approach her in a way that is respectful and make her feel secure. If she believes that you are a threat the game is over.

Limit the interaction to a minute, or two, and ask her for her phone in a friendly way, don’t be pushy.

You can say: “I just saw you and I believe that you are a gorgeous girl. I am on a hurry, but if you give me your phone we could go out for a drink. If you want you can give me a fake number and I won’t bother you again (this makes her feel safe, and I promise, more often than not she will give you her real number)”


#2. – Take a class or a course.

Attend a class or course where hot females gather, like dancing, cooking, a fitness class in the gym, etc. These are great places to meet gorgeous women, and will give you some things to share with her, even before you make the first contact.

Just make sure it doesn’t take a lot of time to make the first contact or someone else will. Remember, to keep a playful mood at all times.


#3. – Weddings or parties.

Parties are a great alternative to meet females because they are among friends and they feel safe. Meeting a gorgeous girl may be as easy as asking someone to introduce you to her, or starting a conversation with the group she is hanging around.

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Learn to use your eyes to send the right signals to women, and they will perceive you as an attractive man. Science has demonstrated that strong eye contact will create love feelings in women.

Of course, you need to do it in the right way. If you stare at females like a psycho you won’t get positive results. Here are some ideas that will help you use the full power of your eyes…


First, how to get a warm and sexy gaze

Your feelings and beliefs affect your body language. And of course, this applies to your eyes too. If you want to develop a warm and sexy gaze you need to pay attention to your feelings.

If you think about love and sex, your pupils will dilate and science has demonstrated that large pupils are very attractive. Just please, make sure you don’t look like a pervert, practice in front of the mirror. Try to develop a sexy facial expression.

Women find large pupils sexy and inviting. If you are lucky enough to have blue, or green, eyes the effect is even better, because the contrast of color makes your dilated pupils more noticeable.


Increase eye contact

Research proves that couples that are in love tend to look at each other’s eyes longer that those with less affection. You can use your eyes to send subliminal messages to women, and make them believe that they are already in love with you. How?

Increase the amount of eye contact that you make with them significantly. But, make sure you look directly into their eyes, not the eyebrow, or the nose.


How to break eye contact

Your eyes have to be glued to your girls’ eyes. But, if you need to break eye contact look at her lips or her neck and observe her reaction. Looking at her lips, after you have created feelings of attraction, is an invitation for her to kiss you. If you do it in the right way, you will create sexual tension and she won’t be able to resist you.


One final thought…

If you want the above rules to work every time, you need to learn to feel the rhythm of the interaction. Be in the moment, and pace yourself, move slowly. If you are anxious and you live in your head your body language won’t send the right messages.

Try it, you will be amazed with the results.

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First impressions are very important, because women will judge everything you say, or do, through the lens of the first contact. Since, you never get a second chance to make a first impression its important to be prepared at all times. You never know when, or where, you will meet the love of your life. Here are some ideas I want you to think about…


What does it mean to be prepared at all times?

Your attitude is the most important thing you should work on. You need to be on flirt mode all the time, and feel like an attractive and confident man. Remember, your feelings and beliefs affect your body language. If you want women to perceive you as a male of value you need to send the right signals, through non-verbal channels.

You should keep a playful mood at all times. Don’t let the little things of life get in your way. If you are happy, all the time, women will assume that you are in control of your life, and they find that very attractive. Angry guys are not in control; they give away their power to external things. Remember, if you are not in control you won’t have the girl.


Dress like a king, always

It doesn’t matter if you are going out for a cup of coffee, to walk the dog, or to take out the garbage. You need to dress like a king at all times. Again, you don’t know when, or where, you are going to meet gorgeous women, and remember, you only have one chance to make that first impression.

Your style has a big impact on how you feel. If you take care of your appearance your body language will improve. People will respect you, and your decisions more, so take this seriously.

If you want women to remember you, in a good way, you need to stand out. Most guys will only take care of their appearance when they go to a bar or club. If you show the best version of yourself at all times you will have a lot of advantage.

Finally, use cologne. Women will learn to relate you to the fragrance that you wear. Every time she smells the same fragrance, or a similar, she will think of you. Besides, once again this is a great way to stand out, and differentiate you from the rest. You not only need to make a great first impression, you need to make it last.

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Most guys want to know how to talk effectively to women, but the truth is that 80% of what you say doesn’t come out of your mouth. If you want to communicate with females in a whole new level you need to learn to send the right signals through the channels that speak without words.

I totally understand why dating gurus teach their students pickup lines. First, they can demonstrate their students how they use them effectively and increase their credibility. Second, dating teachers take the credit every time a student use their lines successfully. But, if they fail it’s the student’s fault. After all, lines have worked beautifully for many guys, how come they didn’t work for you? It’s your fault.

The truth is that it doesn’t matter what you say as long as your body language sends the right signals. Now, you understand why pickup lines work for some guys and fail miserably for others. I want to share some principles that will make women perceive you as an attractive male…


First, use your body language to display the attributes of the alpha male

The number one quality you need to display to attract women is confidence. For example, if you are conscious of every move you make and move slowly women will perceive you as an attractive man, even if you were not blessed by nature.

Smiling is another great attribute of the alpha male. If you develop a warm smile people will respect you more, and women will be drawn to you like bees to honey.

You need to develop a warm and sexy voice. Try to make everything you say sound sexy. Train with a voice recorder, read a book out loud and make an effort to make it sound sexy. Try to read jokes or the news in a seductive way, soon you will understand you can make anything sound appealing to women.


Your eyes are your secret weapons

Learn to use the whole power of your eyes and women will melt over you. And if you combine this with your new sexy voice the results are guaranteed. For example, talking slowly and looking continuously to a girls’ mouth is an invitation for her to kiss you. Try it you will be amazed with the results.

Train in front of the mirror. Look yourself right into your eyes and try to develop a warm gaze. Make sure you don’t stare to people like a psycho.

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Kiss a girl in the right moment and she will fall in love with you. But, if your timing is wrong you will lose her forever. Learning to read females is a key element that separates guys that are great with women from the rest.

Learn the ins and outs of body language and you will not only be able to tell when she is ready to be kissed, but you will also know how to send her hidden messages that will invite her to kiss you.

Here are some principles that will help you tell if she is ready to be kissed…


#1. – Never go for the kiss if you have not touch her

Before you go for the kiss you need to create sexual tension, and without touching there will be no sexual tension. Touch her in subtle ways, and increase or decrease the touching accordingly. Learn to read her reactions. Don’t force or rush things, let her lead you.

On the other hand, if she touches you it means she feels comfortable around you. She is trying to create the sexual tension. It may be the first sign that she is ready to be kissed.


#2. – Learn to read her eyes like a book

If she looks at your mouth continuously she wants to kiss you. Get close to her and watch her reaction.

You can use this same non-verbal message to invite her to kiss you. Stare at her lips, this will create sexual tension. Again, observe how she reacts to the invitation.


#3. – Watch her voice tone

When a girl is ready to be kissed her voice tone is warm. She will speak slowly and in an inviting way. Try to respond in the same tone and stare at her lips. Then lean close to her, but only 90% of the way. If she is ready she will kiss you.


#4. – Read her previous kisses

She has probably already kissed you on the cheek; learn to read that kiss. Was it warm and sexy or just friendly? Does she kiss her other friends in the same way?

If she kissed you in the neck it’s a good sign that she is attracted to you.


One final thought…

This may sound like contradictory advice. But, even if you find out that a girl wants to kiss you, never go for the kiss. You need to invite her through non-verbal signals, like staring at her lips, to kiss you.

Remember, you need to go 90% of the way and let her take the other 10%. In my experience going for the whole 100% is not the best approach.

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Do you wonder if a girl is in love with you? Women fear rejection, as much as guys. So, most of the time they wont be open about their feelings. Instead they will send you subtle signals and invite you to take the first step. Learn to read those signals and you will enjoy the success with females others dream about.


#1. – Unexpected gifts

When a girl is in love she will bring gifts for no reason. In her mind, this creates a bond between the both of you. Women are romantic creatures. So, they put a lot of thought to their gifts. The amount of thought that she puts in her present is proportionate to the amount of interest that she has for you.

If she has money she will buy you expensive things. But, don’t look at the price tag, is the amount of knowledge she has about you that matters. Sometimes cheap presents say a lot more about her true feelings.


#2. – It’s in her eyes

When a female is in love her eyes show a special glow. Science has demonstrated that people who are in love stare constantly to their partners eyes. Staring at your eyes will not only demonstrate that she has a special interest in you, but will also increase her feelings for you. It’s a proven fact.


#3. – Watch her body language

If a girl is in love with you she will get very nervous around you. Every part of her body will show signs of excitement every time you are around. Her mood will improve instantly when she sees you and, as you may know her feelings affect her body language. So, look for the signs.


#4. – She will make a big deal out of everything

Women fall for guys that can be great protectors and providers. Sometimes she will test your ability to stay in control by making a big deal out of small things. She may behave like a spoiled girl or show you her vulnerable side. When this happens you know for sure that she is in love with you.

You need to show her that you can be the man who can take care of her. Perform your male role and make her feel safe and comfortable for being a vulnerable creature.


#5. – She shares personal secrets

When a girl is in love she not only talks to you, she communicates. She will tell you stuff that will help her bond with you. Listen attentively and never betray the trust she has on you.

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Many guys make some mistakes, when asking girls out, which end the relation before it starts. Even a girl who likes you can turn you down if you don’t ask her out in the right way. Avoid these common errors and your odds will rise.


#1. – You don’t seem to mean it.

Being a cool and confident guy is a good thing; women are attracted to that. The problem is that many guys, take it to the extreme, and make girls feel that they don’t care.

What to do instead: You need to make females believe that you really want to go out with them, without sounding needy.


#2. – Coming on too strongly or acting too needy.

Many times guys are very direct and aggressive when they ask a girl out. Coming on too strongly makes you look like a needy guy.

What to do instead: Your attitude should say: “I want to go out with you.” Instead of: “I need to go out with you.” Confidence is the number one quality you need to display. Remember, you should keep a playful mood at all times. Make women feel safe and comfortable with you.


#3. – Asking a girl out in front of her friends.

People think very differently when they are in a crowd. If you ask a girl out in front of her friends you will have to convince, not only her, but her friends too. Females care a lot about what others think, especially their friends and family.

What to do instead: Increase your odds by taking the crowd’s opinions out of the game. Try to isolate the girl, or approach her when she is alone.


#4. – Asking her in the wrong moment.

Everyone has bad days, if you ask a girl out when she is concern about her problems she will turn you down.

What to do instead: learn the ins and outs of body language. If you know how to read women like a book your success is guaranteed. You will always know when is the best moment to take action.


#5. – Not knowing her enough.

Attraction, and trust, builds up with time. Many guys ask girls out without making an effort to know her before.

What to do instead: before you put females, and yourself, in a stressful situation, like a date, get to know her better. Socialize with her in safe and casual environments. Make her trust you and feel comfortable around you.

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