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I want you to engrave two words in your brain: Choice and Freedom. Does that sound like something you would like to have?

A simple shift in the way you look at money will turn you into a wealth magnet. But first you need to understand some basic principles…


Rich Man Vs. Wealthy Man


Building wealth is more than making money. There are a lot of rich guys who are still trapped in the rat race.

The problem with a rich man is that he needs to work to earn money. The minute he stops working the flow stops and he won’t be able to sustain his lifestyle for a long time.

A wealthy man, on the other hand, doesn’t work for money; he makes his money work for him. So, even if he never moves a finger for the rest of his existence his standard of living is safe.


So, the definition of wealth is…


The amount of capital you need to sustain your current standard of living without working. It can also be some kind of passive income vehicle that allows you to earn money while you sleep (a business that operates automatically, dividends, etc.).


Where should you start… ?


I will tell you the first place any man who aspires to build wealth should start: Getting your personal finances in balance.

I want to quote Elisabeth Warren: “When your money is in balance, you always have enough to pay your bills, have some fun, and save for your dreams”.

Here are some easy to follow principles I learned from Elisabeth’s Warren book “All Your Worth”. I have been witness of their effectiveness many times.


#1. – Limit your Must Haves to 50% of your income.

Your Must Haves are the things that you will need to pay month after month, no matter what.

There are many reasons, according to Elisabeth, for limiting them to half of your income. For example: in case you lose your job it will be easy for you to cover your needs with your unemployment check for several months. There are other reasons of course; I encourage you to read All Your Worth to find out more.


#2. – You should have some money to spend on yourself, and it should be around 30% of your income.

It’s impossible to be disciplined when we can’t spend some cash on ourselves. But when you are able to have some fun with your money wealth building becomes automatic and inevitable.


#3. – You must save 20% of your income.

At first you are going to use this money to pay debt. You can’t think about investing your money when you are paying the bank high interest rates. It would be very hard to find an investment that makes you 15% or more. So paying your debts is your first big investment decision.

When all your debt is paid you can start saving and thinking of future investment alternatives.

Try to get as close to this numbers as you can and you will be on the fast way to wealth creation.

Transform your wealth thinking and any actions towards financial independence will follow effortlessly, I encourage  you to study The Money in Your Mind Course. I know it will be a great tool in your journey to financial independence.

Gorgeous women fall for average guys all the time. And the truth is that getting the girl you want is not as hard as you might think it is.

You don’t need to be the best looking guy in the world, or the wealthiest, to be chased by the most attractive girls. But you need to know what women want and how to give it to them.


Think about this…

Every man I know wants to date a Victoria’s Secret model. But the truth is those same guys spend most of the time dreaming about real women. They don’t dream about Adriana Lima, at least not most of the time, they fantasize about Jane the cute neighbor.


This idea applies to women as well…

Girls are just the same. They don’t want the most amazing man in the world. They want the most amazing male in their world. If you follow two simple steps you will become that man…


First, the approach…

Most men suffer from approach anxiety. They don’t know how to make the initial contact and because of that they are unable to attract women. This is the stage where most men quit; they resign and stop trying. I have a solution to this very stressing issue.


The best approach to deal with approach anxiety…

Let women come to you. I know what you are thinking: “If I could do that I wouldn’t have a problem in the first place!”

Body Language is a powerful tool and once you learn to use it effectively you won’t need to approach another girl in your life they will me coming up to you. I won’t give you an entire course on the art of speaking without words but I can give you some ideas to get you started:


#1. – Make a conscious effort to move slowly.
When all is said and done the number one quality women look for in a man is confidence. If you make very slow controlled movements you will display the confidence that is so attractive to women. When you consciously slow down your movement you are saying to the world you are “comfortable” and it makes you much more approach-friendly.


#2. – Use as much space as possible.
When you take as much space as possible, women subconsciously understand you are the Alpha Male in the room.


#3. – Watch your posture
It is very important to be aware of your posture at all times. Good posture shows you are confident with yourself.


#4. – Learn the basics of style.
Most men don’t understand the power that clothing have in the attraction arena. You can increase your social value, get everyone to trust you and your decisions more; just by creating a personal image that is comfortable, cool, and eye-catching.


Second, the interaction…


Seriously Body Language works. Try it and you will be amazed how many girls will be approaching you on the street, or on the club. Most men won’t give credit on how, when they change small things like posture or style, they suddenly become chick-magnets.

Our next point is the interaction with the girl who approached you. You know she is already attracted to you. Your job now is to increase the attraction instead of killing it.

Women will be constantly testing you to see if you are boyfriend material and if you fail the test the attraction will be over forever.

The thing you need to remember is that she will test your ability to stay in control. She will constantly try to take that power from you, and if you allow it to happen you will instantly lose desirability

For example if she asks you for a drink don’t just buy her one. Ask her for something in return. Say something like: “OK, but only if you dance for me”. Don’t fulfill her every desire on automatic. Make her work and give you something in return. That way even if you give her what she wants it will be in your terms. Believe me it’s what she wants.

This may sound like very basic stuff, but if you try it you will be amazed with the results. I know what I am talking about. My much more attractive friends are constantly shocked when they see the most gorgeous girl in the club approach me, after every guy around has tried and failed. Let’s face it: girls like confident guys who wear cool clothes. Why? Because they communicate something about them even before they open their mouth.

The Be Stylish Package is the only book out there that teaches men how to dress for attraction. It takes you through all the basics: shirts, polo shirts, pants, shoes, accessories and, of course, suits. One of the coolest things about this book is that it talks a whole lot about accessories., which are men’s style’s secret weapon when it comes to meeting women. Try it, you will be amazed by the  immediate results!

Although the path of the Alpha Male is a life journey, if you had to pick just one thing to see fast results it would be : Learn to Dress Like a King to Be Treated Like One.


1. Product overview

The Be Stylish package is a complete men’s style guide that teaches everything you need to know about creating a personal image that is confident, attractive and relaxed. This will increase your social value, land you better jobs and get everyone to trust you and your decisions more.

The guide takes each clothing item one by one, shows you examples of how to wear it and how not to wear it, and it does that with the help of meaningful photos.

Style is full of rules but, if you know the basics, you will develop a natural sense that will impress not only women but everyone who comes into contact with you.


2. Testimonials

GO HERE to see some amazing transformations.


3. Pros

The information contained in The Be Stylish package is easy to apply, there are lots of photos (although if they added more examples it wouldn’t hurt), no fluff talk, no amateurish advice, the end result outfits are top notch.


4. Cons

The product is PDF, no videos are included. I understand that the combination of clothing items and colors is huge, and it would be impossible to add hundreds of examples, but more illustrations to give us a better understanding would definitely help.


5. What makes it special

The advantage of style is that it doesn’t require any hard work, be it physically or mentally. You just apply the advice and you see the results. You can see them right after your first shopping session. Most style books and ebooks offer superficial advice, they don’t dive into each fashion item with examples. More often than not, dressing according to their tips will get you nowhere, a.k.a. still looking generic.

Do you want to know how an Alpha Male succeeds with women, and how you can join him? Become the best man you can be and you will be part of the elite. A lot of gorgeous women will pick you up if you understand some simple concepts.


To enjoy almost immediate results you need to know…


1. – The one thing women look for in a man is…


When all is said and done, the one quality that women find attractive in a man is confidence. Confidence reveals strength, self-assurance, and trustworthiness. Alpha Males are attractive because they are confident not the other way around.


Learn to move and act as a confident man and you won’t have to approach another girl in your life, they will be coming to you. But, I must warn you it has to be real. Ladies know when you are faking coolness.


2. – How to display confidence without saying a word.


The way you carry yourself speaks to those around you. Communication is roughly 80% body language and non-verbal signals, and 20% verbal language. That means that even before you open your mouth a girl already knows if you are a confident man or not.


Many people think that body language is something that can be easily faked, but the truth is it’s not. Whatever you are feeling tends to show in your behavior. You need to find a way to internalize the feeling of confidence and your body will show the same signals.


3. – How to feel as a confident man almost instantly.


In my experience there are two fast ways to boost your confidence and show it in your gestures:


I. Join a gym and stay Fit. Staying in shape will have a significant impact on your self-esteem. The man who takes good care of himself can take care of others, too. Your subconscious will assimilate this feeling, and women will sense it as well.


II. Dress In a good way. If you want to be treated like a king you have to behave like one, and dress like one. You’re going to make your life easier if you wear stylish clothes and take care of personal grooming. It will also have a huge impact on your emotions and on your body language.


Here are some ideas to get you started: Don’t wear shirts that advertise a brand name or your favorite band; you want to advertise yourself. Wear collared shirts, nice pants, and possibly a tie.


Think on the points above stated. Although the path of the Alpha Male is a life journey, if you had to pick just one thing to see fast results it would be : Learn to Dress Like a King to Be Treated Like One.


On May 11, 2007 I suffered a serious accident. Half of my body was seriously burned. Now I know, from experience, that Nietzsche was right when he said: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.


I learned a lot of things, from this incident, that helped me grow and become a better man. This are some of the traits you want to develop to live the life you know you deserve…


1. Having the right mindset is a key point.


Every area of your life will improve once you develop the right mentality. When I was in the hospital I made a big effort to maintain a good mood, and my health improved as a result.

I won’t lie to you, there were times when I felt desperate and overwhelmed. I can’t find the words to describe the kind of pain I experienced at the time. But I always kept a positive attitude and a good sense of humor.

For example, the day of the accident, my mother came to the Emergency Room. She saw me naked and badly injured lying in a bed. I realized she was disturbed, and was about to start crying. When she asked me: “How are you feeling”, I responded: “Well, if I die today please make sure they don’t charge you full price for the cremation”, and she started to laugh.

As an Alpha Male you are allowed to feel scared, nervous, worried, or to bear every negative emotion you can think off, that’s normal. But you should not let your emotions control you or your destiny.


2. An Alpha Male is a disciplined man.


I had to make a big effort to recover movement in my left arm; it was severely injured. But after several months of therapy it improved a lot. I realized that when people combine the right mindset with self-control positive results are inevitable.

No matter the goals you have, you need consistency in your actions if you want to see results.


3. As long as there is life, there is hope.


Remember, it’s never to late to start living the life you want to live. Don’t let your past hold you back. When I faced death, I realized that most of the problems in life are not that important. I also learned to live in the moment and appreciate everything I had, even the smallest things. As a bonus, when you live like this women find you irresistible.

Think about the points above stated. In doing so you will discover you are the master of your own destiny. I promise you can do, be, and have everything you want in life.


Would you like to take your life to the next level? GO HERE you’ll be glad you did.

You don’t have to be the brightest man on earth to become wealthy (or the sexiest to have an abundance of women in your life), but you do have to look at the world differently than most guys do.

Any type of success begins in your mind. Once the mind is programmed to succeed, it becomes much easier to attract the right circumstances to create success in your life.

I found this video online, it illustrates my point. Unless you work on your mindset first you won’t be able to see opportunities, even if they are in front of you.


YouTube Preview Image


You must reprogram your SUBCONSCIOUS mind for unlimited abundance and become a wealth magnet instead of being trapped in the never-ending money chase.

Have you ever seen or known an average looking guy who is able to pick up a random girl in a bar and make out with her almost instantly?

Most guys will automatically assume that he is a Natural, someone who was born with that power. But the truth is that no one is born with the ability to attract women, it’s learned.

If you follow some simple steps you can become that guy…


The first thing you need to know is that the random girl is not as random as you think she is. Guys that are really good with women have acquired the talent to recognize a female who is prepared to make out. And, as a result, their odds of success go way up.

Learn to identify this type of lady and you will become that man others look up to.


Your goal, as soon as you get into the bar, is to detect the lady who you’re able to make out with in one minute or less. There are some clues that are useful, especially in this type of atmosphere, to discover if she is predisposed for an instant make-out session.

Your first clue is when you find a woman looking around trying to make eye contact with different people, even when she is engaged in a conversation.

Your second sign is if she looks down, after making eye contact with you. A girl that shows this kind of behavior is showing submission. This type of behavior lets you walk up and play the role of the dominant man.

Finally, you can learn a lot about a woman by the way she is dressed. You want to avoid, at least for our purposes, a girl that is dressed in a super flashy way, one that is obviously looking for attention, she will probably not be a submissive woman. You need to find a girl that is in the middle between the extremes, one that is not over dressed or under dressed.

Last but not Least… 

You now know you should find a particular type of woman; you know three characteristics to look for, now you need to take action. No action, no results.

Women want a confident man. Confidence is like a muscle so you need to work it out. Even if you can’t find a girl that display the characteristics we are looking for you should proceed anyway, just to see what happens. If you can’t make-out in one minute or less it doesn’t mean you are not going to make-out at all.

One Final Note…

Women are sexual creatures, maybe more than men, and I promise you they want this to happen as much as you do.

It is sad how many times this instant make-out events never happen just because most guys let their fear take over and never go for it. I hang out with hot models everyday and I can tell you, most of the time no one’s approaching them. Just by taking action you will be ahead of most guys.

If you want to get to a mastery level of interacting with hot women, if you want to keep the attraction going once you’ve got your foot in the door, then just trust me – CHECK THIS OUT.

Being able to create wealth at will is an important characteristic of any Alpha Male. Money gives you power and freedom. It also helps you improve one of the distinctive attributes that makes an Alpha Male irresistible to women: Confidence.


Why do you think women are attracted to wealthy men?


If you answered because of the stuff they can buy to her you were wrong. When a woman sees a wealthy man, she assumes that he has the money because he gives value to a lot of people, and would give value to her if they were dating. The characteristic that allows him to earn the money is more important than the money is.


This Program is all about how you can be more wealthy.


Any type of success (Success with women, better sex, great health and  financial success) begins in your mind. Once the mind is programmed to succeed, it becomes much easier to attract the right circumstances to create success in your life.


This training program teach you how to reprogram your SUBCONSCIOUS mind for unlimited abundance so that you become a wealth magnet instead of being trapped in the never-ending money chase.


I believe this is one of the most comprehensive and practical trainings I’ve ever listen on this subject. It changed my beliefs about money and abundance. Now the confidence I have regarding my financial situation improved a lot.


What makes this program so different is the fact that it covers the three variables of wealth equation:


1) The Conscious mind
2) The Unconscious mind
3) Wealth oriented actions you can take in the real world inspired by the world famous riches.


This product should transform your wealth thinking and any actions towards financial independence will follow effortlessly. All you have to do is watch one DVD (about 60-80 minutes) a day for 15 days.


Overall, this is an excellent program – a must read for anyone who is having troubles with their mortgage or knows someone who is, people trapped by debt problems, entrepreneurs or anyone who wants to improve his financial situation to a new level.

I Definitely recommend The Money in Your Mind Course and believe it would be a great tool in your journey of becoming an Alpha Male.

Hope this helps!!!